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SmartLink Screenshot

Octane Q-series Elliptical Overview

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director What happens when you mix a great feeling elliptical trainer with the best technology?  AMAZING RESULTS!  That is what you can expect from the latest Octane Fitness Q-series ellipticals.  In this post we will talk specifically about the Q37xi and Q47xi models with the iPad compatibility and new SmartLink technology. [...]

Octane Q37ci

What the heck is X-Mode?

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director If you are like me, you get bored quite quickly with the typical programs available on most elliptical trainers.  Hills, Fat Burn, etc. They are all variations of resistance change.  X-Mode is something different, something better.  X-Mode offers a variation of body positions, resistance levels, directions, and focuses that make [...]

Octane Fitness x-R6

Strength and Cardio in one machine???

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director One of the most commonly asked questions by customers in our stores is, “Do you have a machine that will do both strength training and cardio but not take up my entire living room?”  With the introduction of the Octane Fitness x-Ride, I can proudly answer “YES”!!! The xR-6 offers [...]