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Best price guaranteed – and better service too!

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director We offer a BEST PRICE GUARANTEE! That means if you find a lower price on the exact same product, we will match or beat the price! Plus, the fact that we are local and offer service, you can rest assured that you will have the best ownership experience possible if [...]

Virtual Active Training

5 Critical Steps to At Home Fitness Success

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director I talk to a lot of customers about how they can BEST set themselves up to succeed in an at home fitness program. There are 5 essential things to consider. Take these factors into consideration, and you increase your chances of sticking with your program incrementally! 1. Product Selection People [...]

Vision Fitness S70

Elliptical Trainer 101

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director How are you going to get your exercise this winter?  You have decided that you like the elliptical best, but how do you decide which one is best for you?  There are many misleading articles and reviews out there.  How do you find the truth? Here is a common sense [...]


What is an MSRP?

  By Jeff Hahn Sales Director As Black Friday approaches and most retailers are getting ready to spend tons of money on advertising, absorb the additional overhead to be open odd hours, and show huge discounts – it brings up an important question: What is an MSRP?  Is it really a price that the product [...]


Where is the best place to buy fitness equipment?

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director Buying fitness equipment is not like buying a TV. If you think the best deal means heading to Costco, Best Buy, or even your big box sporting goods store, I suggest you read this post. Here are four key things (often overlooked) to consider when deciding where to buy your [...]