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Polar Loop

Workout Trackers – What is the deal?

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director I’m a bit of a junkie for tracking workouts, and have read several blogs put out by big companies reviewing their capabilities.  The funny thing is, most of them are simply glorified pedometers with an app that displays some information.  Here is how they differ and why we sell the [...]

Virtual Active Training

5 Critical Steps to At Home Fitness Success

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director I talk to a lot of customers about how they can BEST set themselves up to succeed in an at home fitness program. There are 5 essential things to consider. Take these factors into consideration, and you increase your chances of sticking with your program incrementally! 1. Product Selection People [...]

Vision Fitness Touch Console

Need some motivation?

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director Looking for the ultimate workout motivation? Look no further – the new “Touch” console on the 2013 Vision Fitness ellipticals, treadmills and exercise bikes has it all! The new “Touch” screen is packed with features and motivation to get you results. It offers workout tracking for up to 4 users. [...]


New technology = more fun while working out

By: Jeff Hahn Sales Director One of the biggest hurdles to sticking with any workout program is boredom.  Keeping the user entertained and maximizing results are the two biggest factors in sustaining a solid workout plan.  Once you have made the decision to buy equipment for your home, you are on your way to success!  [...]


Summer outdoor workout equipment

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director Looking for the latest equipment that you can pack up and take to the park this summer?  Then you’ve got to check out the Human Trainer Versatility Kit by Astone Fitness. The Human Trainer utilizes your bodyweight as resistance to perform nearly any exercise you can imagine.  You can easily [...]

Cross-Fit Products available in Portland

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director Looking for Cross-Fit type products for use at your home?  We have them!  We are now carrying bumper plates, squat stands, olympic bars, kettlebells, pullup bars, pullup assist bands, medicine balls, plyo-boxes, and more!  Come to the store and check out the best local selection of these items!  Don’t forget [...]


Product Spotlight: Bodyguard T460XC Treadmill

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director The Bodyguard T460XC has won the Fitness Professor “Head of Class” any price range for the last 2 years in a row.  Let’s take a look at what makes this treadmill a superior choice to some of the other big names in the industry: The first things you notice when [...]

Octane Q37ci

There is just no time!

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director We all have good intentions when it comes to being healthy and fit.  We watch what we eat, and try to get to the gym.  The problem is, we have lives!  Work, family, taking the kids to soccer practice…with all of the responsibility that most of us have, it is [...]

Octane Q37ci

What the heck is X-Mode?

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director If you are like me, you get bored quite quickly with the typical programs available on most elliptical trainers.  Hills, Fat Burn, etc. They are all variations of resistance change.  X-Mode is something different, something better.  X-Mode offers a variation of body positions, resistance levels, directions, and focuses that make [...]

Octane Fitness x-R6

Strength and Cardio in one machine???

By Jeff Hahn Sales Director One of the most commonly asked questions by customers in our stores is, “Do you have a machine that will do both strength training and cardio but not take up my entire living room?”  With the introduction of the Octane Fitness x-Ride, I can proudly answer “YES”!!! The xR-6 offers [...]