Workout at work – the ultimate timesaver!

Jeff Hahn - Sales Director

By Jeff Hahn
Sales Director

Feeling time crunched? Putting too many hours at the office to get to the gym? Here is how to burn some calories WHILE at work!

The treadmill desks by LifeSpan Fitness are specifically made for walking while you work, and come in several affordable options. The treadmill is different from traditional treadmills in that unnecessary components like the elevation motor are eliminated, saving cost. They are also optimized for walking at slow speeds using a high torque motor geared for the intended use. They max out at 4mph, but I rarely go above 1.5 mph because it is hard to get any work done going faster.

There are 3 different desk options you can pair with LifeSpan’s most popular treadmill, the TR-1200. The desk components available are the DT3, DT5 or DT7.

20131211-104430.jpgIf you already own a standing height adjustable desk, the TR1200-DT3 is for you. This is the treadmill base, connected by a piggy-tailed control board that simply sits atop your desk. This system is on sale for $999 ($1499 MSRP).

20131211-104419.jpgThe TR1200-DT5 is a pop-pin, manually height adjusted desk with the control board embedded in the front lip of the desk. If you don’t have a desk yet and are looking to keep costs down, this model goes for $1499 ($1999 MSRP) and is the most popular version of the treadmill desks.

The TR1200-DT7 is an electronically height adjusted desk with the control board embedded in the front lip of the desk. This is the version I use on a daily basis. It goes for $1999 (MSRP $2499) and is the most flexible option. I prefer this because I change positions throughout the day – sometime walking, sometimes just standing, and sometimes sitting on an exercise ball on top of the treadmill. Each of these activities is most comfortable in a different position so I like having it be so easy to move the desk height as needed with just the push of a button.

20131211-103322.jpgBoth the DT5 and DT7 are designed to be a functional desk. They are large enough for me to have 2 computer screens, a phone, and writing space in addition to my keyboard and mouse. I also love the ergo pad on the lip for resting my wrists while I am typing. There are racks built in underneath and an adjustable hole in the back of the desk to make managing cords and power supplies a snap. If you need more space, there are specialized monitor mounting systems, and additions for desk sides available to customize your specific setup.

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