Vision Fitness Premier Bike/Elliptical Console

Product Spotlight: Vision Fitness Premier Console

By Jeff Hahn
Sales Director

The best thing about selling Vision Fitness products is the fact that they offer 3 consoles on their cardio equipment.  This allows me as the salesperson to perfectly match the needs of the buyer to the machine and ensure that they aren’t paying for any features they won’t use.  With the recent enhancements to the Premier console, there is a ton of value and many reasons to upgrade to the best!

The first thing that is different about the Premier Console is it allows for up to six unique user profiles.  That means everyone in the house gets to have a custom setup, not just the typical one or two.  It also means easy start up without having to enter the age, weight, etc. when starting a program.  The best part of the user profiles is the machine automatically keeps a fitness calendar, making it easy to look up past workout data to make sure you are keeping on track.  It is also a great way to compete with family members to see who can do the most miles, or burn the most calories in a certain period.

Vision Fitness Premier Bike/Elliptical Console

Premier Console

The second thing I love is that program information is built right into the console.  Don’t you hate when you don’t know what a program is designed to do and have to dig up your owner’s manual to figure it out?  The Premier Console has a description of each program embedded in the info button so you can easily look it up as you are choosing the program. In the way of programming, the Premier gives you tons of options including all the typical programs (fat burn, interval, etc.) as well as motivational programs (pacer), goal oriented programs (calorie goal, distance goal, etc.), heart rate interactive programs (which automatically keep you at a desired heart rate), and even the unique Sprint8.  I can guarantee you will never get bored with the Premier!

The third thing that the Premier Console has that none of the others do is a full color screen that can deliver audio/video from any input source.  That’s right, you can actually watch a DVD, or your cable box, right on the screen.  When in this mode, it simply overlays your workout stats on top of whatever you are watching.  You can easily toggle back and forth between your workout program, watching TV, and multiple personalized motivational screen backgrounds, keeping you entertained and working out for longer.  The time flies by with all the entertainment options!

Finally, the Premier Console is the easiest console I have ever used.  While it may have the most programming options, it also has a very easy to navigate design similar to using an ATM (which if you are like my wife, I am sure you have mastered, right?)  You go from one menu  to the next seamlessly and easily navigating to the exact program or information you need.

If you are in the market for an exercise bike, elliptical trainer, or treadmill – make sure you stop by our store and check out the Vision Fitness lineup and Premier Console for yourself.  You will be glad you did!

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