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Octane Q-series Elliptical Overview

By Jeff Hahn
Sales Director

What happens when you mix a great feeling elliptical trainer with the best technology?  AMAZING RESULTS!  That is what you can expect from the latest Octane Fitness Q-series ellipticals.  In this post we will talk specifically about the Q37xi and Q47xi models with the iPad compatibility and new SmartLink technology.

We already know that Octane makes a great feeling elliptical.  Their patented movement patters and excellent biomechanics make their ellipticals easy on your joints, and fun to use.  They are easy to get on and off, plus have a low step up height which makes them the ideal choice for any basement or low ceiling height situation.  Their displays have now been upgraded and simplified to offer a sleeker, more refined user experience.  Octane has added a light bar that gives the user critical feedback to let them know how hard they are working.  The light bar also is the indicator of when to start and end strength exercises during cross-circuit workouts, and is now multi-color to enhance booster programs like glute kicker and arm blaster.

Not only has the console itself been upgraded, but now the xi models offer bluetooth connectivity to any iPad2 or newer.  By downloading the free SmartLink app, the user makes their workout experience much more interactive, intuitive, and user friendly.  It takes the traditional programs and adds categorization for easier understanding of the intent of the program.  The user can choose from 12 “lose weight”, 20 “feel better”, 12 “tone up”, and 30 “athletic performance” programs that include live video to show you what to do and when! Check out the videos on this blog and then come see it live at the store.

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