Octane Q37ci

Elliptical shopping – it just can’t be done online!


By Jeff Hahn
Sales Director

As with most things in life today, we start our shopping online. We read plenty of reviews, browse web stores, and try to determine what product is the best one in the price range our budget allows. It’s great that so much information is at our fingertips and we can use our time so efficiently.

There are a few problems with shopping for an elliptical online. Here are a few things to consider if you are looking to buy one:

1. The MOST important thing to know about ellipticals is they all feel SO DIFFERENT! Without the opportunity to get on the machine, it us hard to know if it will fit you right!

Octane Q37ci

2. Many of the reviews online are not an accurate portrayal of the real product. Several “online only” brands own and manage review sites and even pay reviewers for high marks through “affiliate” programs.

3. It is not easy to return an item once you bought it online. Even with a “money back guarantee” the fine print often states that you must repackage the equipment in the original box and ship it back at your own expense!

Don’t get me wrong, online research is great, but when it comes to buying an elliptical, go to a dealer that let’s you try before you buy!

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